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Unisex Dunlops

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Ladies Wide Calf Dunlops

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Dunlop Half Height Welly

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Dunlop HEVEA Unisex Half Length Wide Calf Wellies

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A brief background to the Dunlop Wellington Boot

Years of tradition have gone into Dunlop wellingtons, originally founded in the 19th Century by a veterinary surgeon Scotsman, John Boyd Dunlop. While watching his son ride a tricycle he noticed his discomfort whenever he rode over the cobbled and uneven ground. He knew the bikes’s solid rubber tyres were the cause of the issue. As you may guess, he solved this by an early form of the rubber inflatable tyres we’re familiar with today. He wrapped the wheels in thin rubber sheets, glued them together, and inflated them with a football pump for a cushioning effect – and so created the pneumatic tyre. As the marketers say, ‘he had simple idea that changed the world’.

Boyd patented the pneumatic rubber tyre in 1888 and in 1889 he opened his first tyre plant in Dublin, Ireland. A factory in Birmingham, England, opened two years later and Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd went from strength to strength. His development was revolutionary, emulating the same success shortly afterwards in the car industry. Ten years later, Dunlop’s invention had almost entirely replaced solid tyres. By 1927 Dunlop had joined forces with Liverpool Rubber Co Ltd and extended the range to include protective footwear. The Dunlop wellington boot was born.

History time-line

  • 1888 John Boyd Dunlop invents the pneumatic tyre
  • 1896 Dunlop registered as a trademark
  • 1910 Dunlop golf ball introduced
  • 1917 Dunlop tennis racket introduced
  • 1927 Dunlop wellington boot is born
  • 1929 Introduction of the “Green Flash“ Dunlop tennis shoe as worn by Fred Perry

Dunlop Boots in the present day

“Whatever you’re doing, do it in Dunlop®”

Headquartered in Holland, the modern Dunlop company is an international organisation specialising in waterproof general purpose and professional wellington boots. Dunlop merged with the Dutch footwear specialist Hevea BV in 1996 to combine knowledge and skill and since then has developed the unique ‘Purofort’ material technology. The company is a fusion of businesses whose roots go back through the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal; a strong combination of experiences, expertise and manufacturing capability originating from different climates, cultures and markets.

Dunlop make over 100 different variations of wellington boot for the leisure, farming, food processing and industrial sectors and have been experts in our field for over 100 years.

  • Purofort: Premium work boots for professional applications. Manufactured in Raalte, The Netherlands.
  • Acifort: High quality work boots for a multitude of professional environments. Manufactured in Leiria, Portugal, along with the PVC range of boots.

Who owns Dunlop Boots today?

Ownership of the original Dunlop Rubber brand has become fragmented over the years. In 1996, BTR plc (which acquired Dunlop Rubber in 1985) sold a number of companies which used the Dunlop brand for their products. This included the sale of Dunlop Protective Footwear to the Dutch company, Hevea BV.

In the US and Canada, the rights to the Dunlop brand are now owned by a joint venture company owned by Sports Direct and Sumitomo.

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Contact Dunlop directly, click here.

Global Headquarters
The Netherlands
Headquarters Hevea bv
PO Box 1
NL-8100 AA Raalte
The Netherlands
Boeierstraat 12
NL-8102 HS Raalte
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)572 341 550
F +31 (0)572 362 206
E [email protected]

United Kingdom & Ireland
T +31 (0)572 341 558
F +31 (0)572 362 206


Dunlop USA website

T +1 888 624 3117
F +1 888 624 3119

Dunlop Boots in action on a construction project in the Amsterdam subway.

A History of Dunlop